Training Path of the online course for teachers on cybersecurity and game application in schools

The training path will define the structure/“articulation” of the course and will contain a description of the training stages and the training units necessary to train the selected teachers to become peer trainers/facilitators in the field of digital security for secondary school pupils, able to support their counterparts during the implementation of the CYBER4SCHOOLS Game.

The training path:  

  • 1st TRAINING STAGE – „Cyber Security for secondary school pupils “ during which the teachers will acquire knowledge about digital security issues and will be oriented about the needs of the secondary school pupils from 7 – 10th classes; 
  • 2nd TRAINING STAGE – “Training of the Game Trainers”, thank to which the teachers will be informed about the characteristics and potentials of the Game from the didactic point of view and will be provided with practical knowledge and instruments to actively participate in it as trainers/facilitators; this stage focuses on the learning outcome from the various scenarios provided, i.e. different scenario goals, handling conflicts and contradictions, understanding progress of the game and success of Game actions; 
  • 3rd TRAINING STAGE – “The digital security game implementation”, aimed at providing the teachers with the technical skills to carry out the Game, i.e. provide a description of how to implement the game and the platform in the school’s network, using the tools provided by the Game platform, cyber attack/defense knowledge, etc.; 
  • 4th TRAINING STAGE – „Production of the training kit for secondary school pupils“, aimed at providing the trainees with the basic knowledge to actively participate, in the upcoming phases of the project implementation, in the content definition and design of the training materials for the secondary school pupils, with a specific focus on the production of educational videos. 

Podział stronyThe goal of the analysis is to get information about the O1 

  • the current situation in cybersecurity (CS) training and curriculum development at EU and project partner countries: analysis of Pedagogical Aids on Wider Cybersecurity Implications and Digital Citizenship, ethical aspects of the Cyber4Schools approach; what one should know about cybersecurity at basic and high school level? 
  • implications of developing a game scenario, gamer types, gender neutrality, etc.  

The goal of the analysis is to get information about the teachers‘ viewpoints. 

  • Gather information about expectations from the teachers‘ side what the game should consist of. 

To get the information, 2 tasks were carried out:  

  • desktop study of current EU and project partner countries regarding the curriculum of cybersecurity for teens, game scenario building, gender types, and gender neutrality. 
  • a survey from potential schools from partner countries PL, DE, EE, and other EU members, if possible, about their needs regarding the cybersecurity teaching and teaching conditions, as well as their expectations and limitations towards using attack-defense games to train the students.  

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