As the digital age arises, day after day we are preparing ourselves to ‚cope‘ with the rapid development of technology. Every device around us is slowly becoming a living thing: It is being identified (assigned an IP), it is growing and developing (added features), and just like humans, they are being connected.

The purpose of their use highly depends on the owner: Do you want to make use for good or bad? You decide.

This is the part when we get introduced to cyber security. As we cannot assure the intent of use of the technological devices, IT IS BETTER TO BE PREPARED AND SECURED.

Many people tend to neglect the measurements of security, not knowing the potential danger this may cause. One of the main aims of this project is to start making a change on this perspective, to make the future generation capable and aware of the dangers that come from the lack of cyber security measures.

The environment that ISS has set up, will fully serve this purpose by offering a flexible platform where youngsters (aka Future Ethical Hackers) will slowly get introduced to cyber security, learn to value its importance and hands-on acquire the best cyber security practices through 2 teams: THE RED and THE BLUE TEAM. There is no limit to what you can achieve and remember YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.

Fun fact: The youngest hacker known is Kristoffer von Hassel, who broke into his dad’s Microsoft Live Xbox, being able to play the game without knowing any passwords of the parental block. He was 5 years old.