Digital Educational concept
CYBER4SCHOOLS aims to support the development of digital educational concepts at European schools.
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Innovative learning tools
The project empowers and supports teachers to use innovative learning tools and inspires them and their students to become ambassadors of innovative learning using games in cybersecurity education.
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Digital skills
The project will help pupils to develop new digital skills to navigate in an increasingly challenging digital world.
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Innovative teaching methods using gaming and real-life experiences ensure the development of new skills.

Help for students to learn digital security at a level that matches current and future cybersecurity threats and risks they face.

Increased awareness about cybersecurity threats and responsible behaviour, and wider implications on digital citizenship.


Test our game!

We would like to invite TEACHERS, EDUCATORS, and DIDACTICIANS to participate in the testing of our online game designed to educate children and young people

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Introducing C4S game!

As the digital age arises, day after day we are preparing ourselves to ‚cope‘ with the rapid development of technology. Every device around us is

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Consortium meeting on 20th Sept

On 20th September 2021 Consortium Partners met during 2nd Partnership Meeting in Tallin. Next steps were planned to bring the innovative game for students regarding

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