On 15th Feb 2022 we met online within the Cyber 4 Schools project. All Consortium Partners reported the progress in each task, focusing especially on Intelectual Outputs. In detail, we discussed the creation of the Handbook for teachers, which will soon be available on the project’s website. The handbook will contain a set of cyber security knowledge and in the future also lesson plans using an interactive online game, which is currently under development. Issues related to the creation of a textbook for students on the same topic were also considered.

A three-day training for teachers participating in the project will take place at TTU headquarters this May. During this training, teachers will learn about cyber security, the methodological approach to teaching proposed in our project, and will have the opportunity to test a demo version of the game. Thanks to this training in the beginning of the 22/23 school year, the teachers will be equipped with the knowledge required to run the classes in their schools.

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